Scheduling Methods

Use the most suitable method for the respective scheduling process:

  • Use appointment booking to check the availability of technicians to serve a certain day and timeslot considering the current schedule. Optimize the schedule in the background to allow more appointments to be schedule in an efficient manner
  • Fill out technicians with work within their primary service area
  • Find scheduling options for a specific work order and preview each option on a map to select the best one
  • Push high importance work order into an existing tight schedule on the expense of lower priority work orders
  • Schedule an urgent event to start immediately considering real-time traffic optionally interrupting on-going work
  • Run an interactive optimization to improve the existing schedule before publishing it to technicians
  • Try to dismiss a technician from work on a certain day to schedule the same demand to fewer technicians (when it makes sense)

Evaluate the schedule at any given time to verify the creation of the most valuable schedule