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in workforce management

Immediate Response Management

An unexpected outage event (or danger where one is at stake) that requires an immediate response. Organizations that deal with urgent events on daily basis will normally prefer having designated workforce to handle such events (and avoid the hassle involved in dynamically changing the schedule). Designating technicians for urgent events can be done via:


Restricting their daily capacity (or number of scheduled jobs) keeping time for an urgent event


Keep technicians within a relatively small geographical areas so they can quickly get to any location within the area

If urgent events rarely occur then it is better scheduling normally and be able to handle the changes required on such an event. Scheduling an urgent event requires the involvement of the scheduler from the moment the event occurs until it is done. This requires the following from the system:

Alert when an urgent event is created in the system to get the attention of the scheduler

Display the technicians and their current GPS location on a map relatively to the event location

Schedule the urgent event considering real-time traffic conditions to start immediately even overlapping an existing schedule (the technician will have to pause/incomplete the ongoing work in favor of the urgent event)

Schedule the urgent event even out of normal working hours