Changing the game

in workforce management


Provide and deliver professional helpful, high quality treatment and assistance by scheduling with consideration to patients’ requirements and needs, providers’ skills, geography and more.

Suits homecare companies that provide treatments at the patient’s premise. The initiator for the “visit” (treatment to be provided by a physician at a patient location) is a treatment program, i.e.: physician visits the patient and based on the treatment a subsequent of follow up treatments are set (normally in frameworks of weeks / days, e.g.: next treatment on next week or next treatment between Mon – Wed next week).

Our solution for such organizations consists of:

Follow up treatments – Select the last visit and create subsequent follow-up visits optionally requiring the same physician. It could be that the patient is given multiple treatments and it is always preferred to have the same physician continuing the treatment
– Back to back – when a patient is provided with multiple treatments it is mandatory not to have
these treatments scheduled at the same time. The “back to back” business rule prevents that and allows to reserve certain time between different therapies, e.g.: there should be at least 1h between blood test and speech therapy

Prefer the most qualified physician – certain treatments should be assigned to the highly skilled physician whenever possible even if this will not always be the most efficient decision, distant wise. With Servara, one can tune the system to increase the importance of skill level on the expense of routing.

Wide and flexible period scheduling horizon – schedule and optimize the next week / month treatments
and provide re-scheduling tools in case of an unexpected absence of physicians.

Treatment Forms – use the mobile to capture non-confidential medical information via pre- configured treatment
forms and transmit the information to a backend system.